ANSAR S.A. | All about us

We are a company based in southern Spain, we grow in the provinces of Cadiz and Seville.

Although it was created in 1989, its founder and Director-Alfredo Gonzalez-Garcia has been dedicated to the production and marketing of horticulture since 1982.

Our facilities, equipped with cold rooms perfectly equipped to pre-cool and keep the corn always fresh and ready to ship, is on our farm "Dehesa de Pinto" on the outskirts of Utrera, Seville.

Shipments are made in bulk, box-pallets, alpals or packed in wooden boxes.

We export to most European countries traditional consumers of sweet corn. Our largest customers are Barfoots of Botley in the UK and Hermanns Suikermais in the Netherlands. We also ship products to different packers in several Spanish provinces.

Our annual volume is between 150 and 200 refrigerated trucks of 20 tons (about Tn. / Year).

Fresh Sweet Corn

Much is made of sweet corn and its properties, but the main feature is its diuretic property corn, so it is used in treatments for people with kidney problems. It has laxative, anti-cancer and lowering blood cholesterol. It is very beneficial for small because it stimulates growth and helps in the formation of muscles and bones, in addition's to provide energy.

Thanks to the advice and the variety of recipes ANSAR SA I managed to reduce my kidney problems, your ears have a spectacular flavor and helped me efficiently to solve something that I thought was not going to get.