ANSAR S.A. | Main objectives

We are looking for new customers to be satisfied, not only for the growth of our company, but to seek new opportunities and investments to improve our service.

We produce high quality Fresh Sweet Corn at a reasonable price, according to the criteria demanded by our customers. With a system of integrated crop management, which has a minimum negative impact on the natural environment through the effective work of our highly motivated and well trained.

Our qualities

We have the experience of many professionals, each dedicated to a specific position, in order to deepen and grow our knowledge in and out of business. Our goals are based on perseverance and good work, we accomplish our goals and satisfy the needs of our customers season after season.

We express some of the qualities that characterize us.

  • Additionally use the services of outside technical expertise and services to achieve our goals.
  • We create a work environment friendly and productive, where each employee can develop their full potential.
  • We treat our employees, customers and suppliers always with respect.
  • Minimize negative impacts and maximize positive ones, on the environment.